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Fri, 3rd to Sun, 5th of march 2017

Challenge the machine.
A coding festival in a real factory.

For 42 hours, hackers rule industry.

Real coding - in a real factory.

Liited Spaces

Meet new people from industry, research and development and be part of the biggest FactoryHack worldwide. See the world through the eyes of a production expert. Cooperate with industry experts and get the real experience: Together you will hack on visions and innovations relating to the production of tomorrow.

Get out of your comfort zone and challenge the factory.

Create a vision of future work, get in the ring with experts from the German leading-edge technology cluster “Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe - it's OWL” and be part of the industrial revolution. You are in control.

Impressions of FactoryHack 2017

If you missed FactoryHack 2017 you may have a closer look at our review in images and Tweets. Link to great memories...

The Location

3 Hightech Locations will open its portals to you for 42 hours:
Coding in dark hangars – you already know that. We offer you even more: A hacking and event area of more than three football pitches.

Hacking on 12,000 sqm: A real factory for coding – SmartFactoryOWL. Talks, relaxing and fun - CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT (CIIT). Keynotes and final pitches - OWL University of Applied Sciences.

Hack the SmartFactoryOWL

A research and demonstration factory for Industry 4.0 technologies. A cutting-edge lab environment for ICT-based automation technologies, the most important research topics for digitization at the shop floor level of the factory of the future, such as adaptability, resource efficiency and cognitive human-machine interaction are addressed.

The SmartFactoryOWL is simultaneously research and testing lab for the scientists and engineers of the involved research institutes and companies as well as an outstanding learning environment for students (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D) of engineering study programs. In particular for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) it is possible to test and optimize their production systems with integrated Industry 4.0 technologies and to train their staff. The SmartFactoryOWL is an initiative of the Fraunhofer-Society and the OWL University of Applied Sciences.


In the CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT (CIIT) the cooperation between industry and science being frequently demanded is actually put into practice. The CIIT is worldwide the first sciene-to-business-center in the field of industrial automation. Under one umbrella companies acting autonomously on the market and research institutes work and research cooperatively on the linkage between information and automation world.

OWL University of Applied Sciences

We provide high quality education and research in engineering, economics and management, life science technologies, design and construction. The Institute Industrial IT (inIT) connected to the department of electrical engineering and industrial computer sciences carries out research in the field of industrial computer sciences and industrial automation for the digitalization of industries.

The Challenges

Challenge the frontiers. Augmented reality is the new final frontier. Get inspiration and feel the pioneering spirit.

Open the door to the future. What is life in the factory of the future all about? Create it. It’s up to you.

You will team up to create a web, mobile, or desktop application during a 42 hours non-stop hacking marathon in a real factory.

Bring your own ideas or be inspired by the unique infrastructure at the Innovation Campus Lemgo.

Either come alone or as a team of 3 to 5 people. You can join any team or make up your own. If you don't have any idea yet, other hackers and workshops of industry, research and development partners will inspire you.


We are looking for new and innovative ideas that are relevant in the topic of digitalization in the context of the 4th industrial revolution. Your solution should be of a good usibility and executable. Of course you will have to present your great results to the jury.

For sure the three best teams will be honored with an endowed prize after the final pitches.

Jury Awards

1st Prize: 3.000 Euro

2nd Prize: 2.000 Euro

3rd Prize: 1.000 Euro

Audience Award

Prize: 1.000 Euro

The Winners of FactoryHack 2017

1st Place


Team VLF10

The team created an interface from a mosaic editor to an industrial robot. The robot places the pieces like humans would do. All coordinates are calculated by the interface application.

2nd Place


Team Snoppy

The team created an application that optically measures a human heartbeat by using a Raspberry PI and a webcam that inspects the forehead. This technology can be used to increase health of workers.

3rd Place



The team created a blockchain application for industrial machines. Customers can virtually pay for services and products. Even machines can pay for their services like maintanence.

Audience Award Winner


Team-TangO Jack

The team created an application that controls an unmaned ground vehicle (UGV) by using a consumer market camera for position recognition on a printed paper-map . The map can be updated by the UGVs sensors.

Event schedule



3rd of March at 3:00pm

Opening ceremony

3rd of March at 4:00pm

Hacking begins

3rd of March at 11:00pm

Project deadline

5th of March at 9:00am

Announcement of finalists

5th of March at 12:30pm

Final Pitches, awarding and closing ceremony

5th of March at 2:00pm

Further Information

When and where?

The event takes place at the Innovation Campus Lemgo, GERMANY from Friday, March 03, 2017 to Sunday, March 05, 2017.

Sign in?

Registration becomes committual with our confirmation. Stay in touch on our Facebook-Page.

How much does it cost to me?

The FactoryHack2017 Lemgo is completely free! We will provide food and drinks, a place to relax and sleep in an awesome location.

How can I participate in the event?

Just get in touch with us e.g. via

What about Intellectual Property? Do I own my code?

Definitely! Your product - your rights. You submit the code for the pure purpose of evaluation and awarding, you do not transfer any rights of your work.

How old do I have to be to participate in FactoryHack2017?

We don’t care about your age – your motivation and skills count. If you are under 18 years you have to come with an adult who is in charge.

How do I find my team members?

You simply find them at the event. Anyone who has an idea can pitch it to the crowd. Moreover, sponsors and partners will also provide their APIs and some challenges that they are facing. You team up with people around you to work on any idea you like! Or meet them at our Facebook-Page

How does the application process work?

We want to make sure that everyone who attends is eager to hack and share knowledge, therefore we will briefly review your registration and come back to you as fast as possible. Please do not book your transportation before you get a final confirmation.

Can I come to work on an already existing idea for my startup?

You have to come with an idea that you have not worked on before. If you use any code written specifically for this idea in advance, or work on a new project that is somehow related to an already existing company, you might be asked to leave the event. However, we would be happy to see you as a sponsor – and then you can propose your ideas to the hackers! We cannot allow participants or guests with a commercial interest in the event itself or other participants.

What do I need to take with me?

The main thing to take is your computer, the charger, an air mattress and a sleeping bag. We will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and non-alcoholic beverages.

Do I have to work on the project for 42 hours or can I take a break?

Of course you can take a break to refresh your mind! We will provide a nice venue and some facilities to sleep. However, you will prefer working as much as you can – so sleep in!

What programming Language do i need to rule?

It would be helpfult if you rule Java, C/C++, C#, Phyton, 61131-3 or any of your prefered language. But it is not mandatory to know programming. Different Skills like design, develeopement, projectmanagement, for e.g. are very welcome and needed for projects.

Which IDE do i need to master?

It would be helpful to know one of the following IDE: Eclipse, Netbeans, Dev-C++, QT-Creator, Anjuta Visual-Studio, PCWorx, CodeSys, your favourit editor like Vi, for e.g. But it is not mandetory to know one of those. Different Skills than programming are also needed for great projects.

Further Questions?

If you have questions about anything we've not covered here, shoot us an email at


Sybille Hilker

Benedikt Lücke

Team Technique

Sebastian Faltinski

Dominik Henneke

Christoph Hülsmann

Markus Köster

Philip Priss

Mike Röwekamp

Rouven Sprenger

Team Marketing

Jörn-Henrik Dux

Julia Goltz

Mara Hilss

Ricarda Jacobi

Celia Lohweg

Anja Moldehn

Christina Mühlenkamp

Amelie Peters

Elisa Porsche

Marcel Stark

Luise Webel

Jessica Zimmermann


Official Main Partner

Official Partner


How can I become partner?

Your company is interested in the FactoryHack and willing to support the top brains of the future? Just get in contact with us. We will provide you more information.

Where the hack is Lemgo? And how do I get there?

Lemgo is located in the heart of Germany. The Hack-Location is situated on the Innovation Campus in Lemgo which is located in a hightech area at the northeastern boundary of North Rhine-Westphalia. You need the direction to Lemgo? Follow this Link.

Free Bus-Shuttle from Paderborn Main Station and Bielefeld Main Station. You will find the depature times here...